PhilHealth Advisory: On-site Visits Of Authorized PhilHealth Personnel

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Effective August 21, 2015, authorized PhilHealth personnel shall conduct visits to all private
and public employers to inspect their premises including their books and pertinent records.

This advisory is in line with PhilHealth Circular 017-2015 which reiterates Section 15.e of the
Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (RIRR) of the National Health Insurance Act
of 2013 on the Obligations of the Employers which states that “All government and private
employers are required to allow the inspection of its premises including its books and other
pertinent record.”

Section 221 of the same RIRR on the Visitorial Powers of PhilHealth further states that
“Any representative of the Corporation as duly authorized by the President and CEO or by
the concerned Regional Vice President shall have the power to visit, enter and inspect facilities
of health care providers and employers during office hours, unless there is a reason to believe
that inspection has to be done beyond office hours, and where applicable, secure copies of their
medical, financial, and other records and data pertinent to the claims, accreditation, premium
contribution and that of their patients or employees, who are members of the Program.”
Relative to this, all employers in the government and private sectors are hereby enjoined
to recognize and extend all necessary assistance and cooperation with the duly authorized
PhilHealth personnel conducting site visits to perform the following activities:

  • Determine compliance with the regulations and other requirements, particularly in the payment of premium contributions and reportorial requirements
  • Verify the accuracy of submitted information
  • Conduct information education and dissemination of updates on the National Health Insurance Program
  • Secure soft and hard copies of the payroll

Further clarifications and inquiries on this advisory may be referred to our Action Center at
(02) 441-7442 or through any of our Regional Offices.